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Immigration information

Palau ​Things to keep in mind when entering

Duty-free limit

One pack of cigarettes / 2 liters of alcoholic beverages per person
* In Palau, a pack of cigarettes costs about $7 / a bottle of soju costs about $7 (about $18 at restaurants).

Precautions upon entry

1. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months of expiry

2. Be sure to have the return ticket you received with the e-ticket.(If not, you may not be able to enter Palau)

3. Simplify luggage due to difficult customs clearance(I open almost all the luggage of travelers)

4. Convenient if you bring kimchi cup ramen side dishes, etc. (Do not bring processed meat/vegetables/sausages/fruits)
* There are no convenience stores or late-night marts in Palau.


📣Post-Pandemic Tourist Immigration Guide📣

1.  PCR test results before departure are not required when entering Palau. (Effective after July 2022)

2. WHO or FDA approved vaccination Complete (2nd or higher) Vaccination Certificate Instructions

3.  PCR test is not required after arrival in Palau. (Effective after July 2022)

4. Although there is no movement restriction for tourists, it is recommended to wear a mask. 

5. If PCR test is required upon return, test fee is $50.50

Environmental tax and airport tax

Palau imposes an environmental and airport tax on all tourists.

environmental tax

Everyone who comes to Palau and goes out to sea is subject to an environmental tax (permit or PERMIT).

Expiration date : 10 days (from 6 years old) / Rock Island Permit : $50 per person / Jellyfish Permit : $100 per person 
* If you plan to go to Jellyfish from the beginning, you only need to purchase the Jellyfish Permit once.

Fishing Permit:$20 per person (valid for 30 days)

* You must have a Rock Island Permit or Jellyfish Permit (from 13 years old).

Pelliliu Permit:$60 per person

* You must bring it with you when you go to Peiliu Island or dive at a nearby dive site.
In addition, there is a permit for each state such as Gayangel.

airport tax

As of January 1, 2018Increase to $100 per personairport taxIncluded in the ticket purchased by the individualbecame.

(No need to pay separately)

Request for round-trip airport pick-up

There is an information desk for travelers at the airport 
It is convenient to apply for airport pick-up with the tour company or the hotel you booked in advance.
There are no taxis and buses, so if you do not apply for airport pickup, you may experience great inconvenience.

MK RESORT : $50 per person for airport round-trip application

public transport

Loop bus, taxi, tour company pick-up service, restaurant pick-up service, rental car

Palau Internet (Wi-Fi)

Palau has poor internet. (Local roaming support for Korean telecommunication companies is disabled)
Internet card -10 hours $10
(Each telecommunication company has its own area - telecommunication company ; PNCC / Palau Telecom)
local sim cardCan be purchased with passport(SIM card $15 / additional communication fee + internet use charge)

* In MK HOTEL & DIVE RESORT free wifi *

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