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Palau travel preparation tips


Mild and humid tropical marine climate


Rainy season :June-October (Squall)
Dry season:November to May (clear and sunny)

Average annual temperature:27.2 degrees
Water temperature:Stay within 27 degrees year-round

Clothing (clothes) and supplies

​ Prepare a swimsuit and long sleeves at the same time

Because I have a lot of time to enjoy at the sea,swimsuitIn many places, there is a temperature difference between day and night and air conditioners are turned on in hot and humid climates.prepare long sleeves


Slippers, hat, sunglasses, summer clothes, and sunscreen are essential

​Non-contact personal mask

Currency exchange and currency

Palau isUS Dollars ($)We use currency. 

There is no exchange office, so plan ahead.enough exchangeIt is good that you do.


You can use a card, but we recommend using cash as there are many places where tax is charged or card use is not activated.

(* Amex cards cannot be used in Palau)

emergency medicine

Personal emergency medicine required


Due to the nature of the island country,emergency medicineis not always easy to obtain.


Palau has a lot of sea tours, so people with severe seasicknessmotion sickness medicineIt is good to prepare.

Although there are few mosquitoes, it is a hot countrymosquito repellentOr, it is convenient if you prepare water paste in advance.

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