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4일 11회 다이빙
4Days 11Tanks Diving

숙소 불포함
펀다이빙4일 (11회 다이빙+점심도시락)
공항왕복 픽업 드랍

Not Include Hotel / Only Diving Package
Fundiving 4Days ( 11Tanks Diving+with Lunch Box) / Airport Transportaion


4일 11회 다이빙
4Days  11Tanks Diving

펀다이빙4일 11회다이빙(3회+3회+3회+2회/점심도시락 포함)
공항 왕복 픽업 드랍

[불포함 사항]
다이빙장비 렌트 풀세트 1일 1인 $30 (다이빙 컴퓨터 /렌턴/조류걸이 별도)
나이트록스 탱크 1탱크 $12 / 32% (반드시 나이트록스 라이센스를 지참해야 합니다.)

---마지막날 2회다이빙 후 추가옵션 투어 (6인이상 출발 가능)
1. 젤리피쉬레이크 1인 $40
2. 밀키웨이 1인 $20
3. 젤리피쉬 레이크 + 밀키웨이 1인 $40


Fundiving 4days 11Tanks ( 3tanks + 3tanks + 3tanks+2tanks-with Lunch Box )
Airport Transportaion

Flight ticket/ Hotel / Permit /Dinner
Diving Gear Full Set Rent 1Day $30 ( Dive Computer / Light / Current Hook -Separately )
Add Nitrox each 1Tank +$12 /32% (Must be hold your Nitrox License)
Guide Tip
[Additional Option Tour]
----After 2Tanks Diving + Additional Tour (minimum 6pax)
1. Add Jellyfish Lake 1pax $40
2. Add Milkyway 1pax $20
3. Add Jellyfish Lake + Milkyway 1pax $40

Palau Diving Precautions

1. ​coral protection

Do not touch (Gloves are not recommended) /Toxic / All live corals and need protection from divers.

2. Bird Hanger

You can enjoy diving safely and comfortably in strong currents.

3. Diving Etiquette

Do not overtake the diver, Do not chase manta, Do not touch the aquatic life, Light it with a lantern not lose
When taking pictures, yield to each other and observe etiquette

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